The team in lockdown…Georgina Hughes

Some of our team have completed a short interview to give you a little insight into their current life in lockdown:

Name: Georgina Hughes

Job title: Associate Solicitor

Length of time at FSM Solicitors: 2 years in July

Areas of specialism: Private Client

What have you most enjoyed or found difficult about lockdown: Enjoyed: Spending lots of time with my three dogs – having my Black Labrador, Mabel, sat on the bed behind my desk in my spare bedroom. Difficult: Spending lots of time with my three dogs – not being able to enjoy my apple, biscuits, breakfast at my desk in peace!!

Best TV programme watched recently: Gardener’s World marks the start of the weekend for me

Favourite book: Favourite all time books – Georgie Eliot – Middlemarch/ Thomas Hardy – Far from the Maddening Crowd.  Favourite read during lockdown – Rachel Clarke – Dear Life. I love reading!!

Favourite meal: Fishfinger Sandwich

An interesting fact about yourself: I am assistant Beekeeper to my partner, Max, who is chief Beekeeper!! I dream of having a large garden with a greenhouse.

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