Court of Protection

With a team of recognised experts in their field, we have strengthened our scope to take on more Court of Protection work and now have one of the leading Court of Protection departments in the UK. *

We receive referrals both from the Court of Protection and from other larger regional law firms and from Local Authorities, care providers and Mental Health Teams.
We can help where there is an argument between family members about the management of the property or money of an incapacitated individual and we have a record of dealing sensitively and efficiently in finding a sensible way forward to achieve a satisfactory outcome both for the vulnerable adult and the family and avoid if possible protracted and expensive Court proceedings.

  • Applying to be appointed a deputy for your relative
  • Assisting the family deputy with every aspect of the deputy’s responsibilities including:
    – Care home contracts and issues with care homes
    – Employment and payment of home carers
    – Local authority and NHS funding
    – Management of the day-to-day finances
    – Preparation of the annual report to the Office of the Public Guardian
    – Advising about the making of gifts and statutory wills
    – Purchase of a suitable home for the incapacitated person

If we can help you with any Court of Protection matters, please telephone us or email

*This is the result of a merger in October 2022