The family court is well aware of the difficulties parents may be facing now.

The advice from the court makes it absolutely clear that the court expects parents to act reasonably and sensibly, when considering the arrangements for their children.

Our children are all using remote communication to stay in touch, whether with their school friends, their grandparents or their relatives abroad.  If they are not spending time with both parents, the court will expect regular contact to continue by Face-Time, WhatsApp Face-Time, Skype, Zoom or other video connection, or by telephone.

Younger children, who may struggle to use the telephone, may find a video connection with the non-resident parent is easier to understand.

If children are too young to initiate a video connection, it will be for the resident parent to ensure that the arrangements are made, and to give the child the necessary support to enable them to spend meaningful time with their other parent.

Read the latest guidance from the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary here.

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