CASE STUDY – Nick Guinness dental practice purchase

In 2010, Bansari Lalan and her husband were shareholders in a dental practice, which Nick Guinness (Managing Partner and commercial law specialist at Forrester Sylvester Mackett LLP) helped them to sell. As that transaction went so smoothly, when Bansari came to have an offer accepted to buy another dental practice, deciding on Nick as her lawyer to oversee the purchase was an easy call. Bansari knew Nick had experience in what can be a tricky transaction – NHS contracts have their own nuances and quirks which have to be dealt with carefully.

Nick commented “Dental practice purchases where an NHS contract is involved are very different because of the complexities inherent in transferring the contract to the buyer.”

“Nick was very patient with us, never complaining about going over and over the paperwork,” Bansari said. “He was very proactive and personal in his approach – we really liked that he would happily meet with us regularly to discuss progress, and he was excellent at exerting the right amount of pressure on the seller’s solicitor to ensure the whole deal went through without a hitch. Nick was also very transparent about fees and additional costs, which really helped us with budgeting. I know we would not have had such a straightforward purchase if Nick hadn’t been involved. ”

Bansari and her husband’s dental practice is going well and is keeping them busy, alongside the addition of a baby since the business purchase. “We are happy with just the one practice for now, especially as we are kept busy with our baby. But I would definitely go to Nick for any future purchases or sales.”

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