Does my home insurance cover me?

Does my home insurance cover me?

Planning a month in the sunshine this winter? Make sure you have informed your home insurance provider!

Did you know that a long holiday, or even a stint in hospital, could void your home insurance? Pretty much all of us fork out for home insurance each year, but what many people fail to realise is that leaving your house empty for as little as 30 days can mean insurers won’t pay out.

Am I still insured?

There could be many reasons why a property is left empty:

  • Gone away on holiday
  • Spending time in a care home/hospital
  • Between tenants
  • Splitting time between multiple homes

Any one of these reasons could put you or your loved ones at risk if the worst happens and the house is damaged while unoccupied.  Headed into winter, homes are most at risk of water damage from burst pipes and flooding, so be sure to check the T&C of your home insurance contract if you plan to be away for a prolonged period.

Sometimes the house being empty is not planned – for example if an elderly relative goes into a care home. It may not be the first thing you think of if your loved one is ill, but make sure you consider the implications of their house being unoccupied.

What can you do to stay insured?

Be aware of the terms of your individual policy. Generally, so long as you contact your provider there are ways around the issue. Many insurance providers will cover the property if it is visited once a week, or allow you to pay a top up to continue cover.

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