What will happen if I die without making a Will?

If you die before making a Will, the law will set out who is entitled to what you leave behind and who can handle your affairs.

Your money, property and possessions will be shared out according to the law instead of your wishes.

By leaving a Will that states clearly who should get your property, money and possessions when you die, you can prevent unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family and friends.

What is ‘intestacy’?

Dying without a Will is called intestacy or dying intestate.

Common rulings when you die intestate

• If you’re not married and not in a civil partnership

Your partner is not legally entitled to anything when you die.

• If you are married or in a civil partnership

Your husband or wife may inherit most or all of your estate and your children may not get anything.This is true even if you are separated.

• If you have children or grandchildren

How much they are legally entitled to will depend on where you live in the UK.

By making a Will you can decide this yourself.

• Inheritance Tax

The inheritance tax to pay on your estate may be higher than it would be if you had made a Will.

• If you die with no living relatives

Your whole estate will belong to the Crown or to the government.
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